Do you love your brand?
From the sole to the
tips of your hair?
Hot and intimate?
We do!

What we do

As you may have noticed, we firmly believe that relevance requires a radical way of thinking. We like to get to the point quickly, because endlessly long meetings including bullshit bingo with umpteen decision makers are tiring. That is why Brandon’s core is as small as it is powerful. All it takes, at the beginning of our journey together, are three creative minds. Full to the brim with strategic thinking, entrepreneurial visions, extraordinary ideas and the continuous pursuit of innovation.

What you have to do

Trust us. Trust your brand.
And last but not least, you should have a goal in mind when you approach us. Give us a call or write an e-mail and arrange a personal meeting with us. We look forward to a coffee with you.

And if we really like you, we’ll even serve cookies.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Corporate Design
  • Brand Spaces
  • Digital Branding
  • Customer Journey
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Architecture
  • Branding Strategy
  • Differentiation Strategy
  • Design-Thinking Workshops


Sebastian Retz

Sebastian Retz

Managing director, architect, creative consultant

Lateral thinker, joker, coffee lover.

Pia Czobottar

Pia Czobottar

Art Director

Minimalist, specialized in short-term operations on open pixel, interior design enthusiast.

Stephan Küsters

Stephan Küsters

Management, Key Account and Finance Manager

Number and order guardian, charmer, sorrow box.